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There are six regional associations representing the United States franchisees:

If you would like information about joining your regional association or about exhibiting and attending a regional meeting, please contact the secretary in your area.


Kevin Schlutz



Tony Cameron



Shannon Prendiville



Jennifer Thomas



Shane Lovato



Deborah Lundie



Zaira Guevara



Ing. Luis Torres Corzo

+52 444 447 9492

In addition to these six domestic regions, the AKFCF has members in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America, and Canada.  For a breakdown of regions by state, please click here.

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If you are unsure to which regional association you should belong, please visit our listing of regions by state.

Membership in a regional association automatically entitles a KFC franchisee to the full benefits of membership in the AKFCF. If you are a KFC franchisee and would like to join your fellow franchisees in regional membership, please contact your regional secretary.

Meeting Dates

AKFCF Government Affairs

In Politics and Government, our DC Lobbyist, Dan Gans, taught us years ago, “You can have a seat at the table…or…you can be on the menu”! Your AKFCF Government Affairs consists of business minded Representatives, nominated by you, to work on the behalf of all KFC Franchisees in supporting, suggesting and moving legislation that is a benefit to you and our brand. At times working to enhance and get ideas into law and other times working in opposition to legislation deemed harmful to your business.


How the committee actually works.


First- Your donation(s) to the PAC are carefully used to “Be invited to the Table”. The donations the Committee makes to members of Congress are used to support Members who have demonstrated to be favorable to our Business and to promote and help elect those new members that have demonstrated to be potential friends to business.

Next and most important part, “Take our Seat at the Table”. Your GAC members work hard building relationships with Congress and their staff. Some of these relationships have been developed over a period of years. Once a Member of Congress, with like minded views of Business, realize they can Trust the GAC and its members, the Seat at the Table is used frequently. Success for GAC is amplified when a Congress Member reaches out to us for input, views and feedback. Your GAC is a trusted partner that Members reach out to Frequently. As example, for current Covid-19 legislation, your GAC and our Lobbyist Dan Gans, were “At the Table” for most all steps of achieving the Pandemic Relief we all benefited from. The members of GAC Government affairs is the gateway and critical component in formulating and advancing legislative priorities through unique insight and strategic engagement with Congress. It helps facilitate and maintain relations with legislators and staff with the goal of influencing key legislation that will make a positive impact on an industry. A Political Action Committee (PAC) helps to bridge a company with state and federal representatives by creating pooled resources to support legislators who share a deep understanding of an industry’s challenges and opportunities. Through legislative partnerships, government affairs will help build and move legislative agendas that will support and advance an industry.

What we have achieved together with your elected officials:

Your GAC was “Seated at the Table” for all of the following (in fact, at the head of the table) for many!

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Qualified Improvement Property (QIP), Accelerated Depreciation

Joint Employer protections

Influenced Tax Reform, especially for Small Business

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Harvest Tax Deduction

Repeal of the ACA Individual Mandate

Our current priorities we are working on with your elected officials:

Extensions and alternations to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)


Subsequent COVID-19 Related Relief Packages

U.S. Ethanol & Biodiesel Policies

Minimum Wage


Paid Leave

Working to move Executive Actions into law (prevents reversal later)

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By clicking the above button you agree to the following:

The Federal Election Committee (FEC) requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of the employer of any individual who contributes more than $200 during an election cycle. Individuals may not contribute more than an annual total of $5,000 per political committee. Federal law prohibits contributions from the general treasury funds of a corporation; labor organizations or national banks (including corporate or other business entity credit cards); an individual whose contribution comes from the funds of another individual; federal government contractors; or from any foreign national who lacks permanent resident status. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

In 1976 the AKFCF newsletter was launched and has evolved from a small eight-page publication to the AKFCF Quarterly, which is ever-growing and one of the leading trade association publications in its field and an excellent communication instrument and member benefit of the franchisees.


By Justin Stewart

brother, Todd, and I have been franchisees since 1994. When you are young, taking out an equipment loan for $250k and signing a 20-year lease doesn’t seem like a big deal. Yet, at the time, I don’t think we ever thought about the “what if” scenario….



The AKFCF Quarterly is sent to franchisees via hard copy and is offered in its entirety to view online in a digital magazine format.

The AKFCF Quarterly is published by New South Publishing of Atlanta, GA. New South has been in the custom publishing industry for more than 30 years working with local and national clients.

Michelle Hunt

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