2024 Annual Convention Wrap-up


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I want to start by saying ‘Thank you’ for entrusting me with this opportunity to be your AKFCF President. I am excited and inspired to begin this new year in our Association!

We, the AKFCF Board and EC, have a lot of planned for this year.  We intend to continue our top-to-top meetings with KFCC, keeping the communication lines open.  We just went through a strategic planning session, and have a lot of work to do so that those goals become reality.  We have a little project called ‘Iron Mountain’, that I’ll be telling you more about throughout the year, and a personal goal of mine this year, is to continue to support and strengthen the Regions.

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This site does not pertain to KFC Corporation, so if you have information to pass along to KFCC regarding franchising opportunities, individual restaurant issues or charitable donations, etc., please visit our Related Sites page which contains a link to their web site or give them a call at (502) 874-8300. If you have a compliment or a complaint about a KFC restaurant, please report the issue to 1-800-CALLKFC.

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