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President, Vijay Patel

Welcome to the Greater Midwest KFC Franchisee Association website. Our association is founded on the heritage of the Colonel, and the culture of franchisees helping each other to develop and grow.


Our association provides a wonderful forum, whether it is developing and recognizing our restaurant leaders at our Spring RGM meetings, or the learning, fellowship, sharing and fun at our fall franchisee business meetings. We are committed to bringing independent thinking, learning opportunities and the wisdom of the entire franchisee system to our members, as well as providing a forum for discussions with our vendors and corporate partners.


As we all work hard to provide our customers with the standards of food quality, service and cleanliness that the Colonel was famous for, we are thankful for the legacy he left us, which has led to our success.


Vijay Patel, President

Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees

The Greater Midwest Region is one of six domestic regions that make up the Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees, Inc. (AKFCF). The AKFCF was formed in 1974 and has a colorful history.


When Colonel Sanders sold Kentucky Fried Chicken, he feared his franchisees would lose control of their own businesses and the future that they were working toward and in which they had invested. So he encouraged them to unite to protect the franchisees that he considered part of his own “family” and to give the franchisees a voice in the future development of a concept which would prove to be far greater than was envisioned at the time. This brought about several small meetings with early franchisees and in 1965 the Southeastern Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisee Association was formed and formally organized in Atlanta, Georgia. Ten years later, the AKFCF (our national association) was incorporated in the same city.


The AKFCF is unique with the “family” spirit of its membership and firmly rooted in the values of Colonel Sanders. Its purpose is clearly stated with its Mission Statement, adopted September 12, 1993, in Washington, DC: “The Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees, Inc. is united to protect, promote and advance the mutual interests of all member franchisees and the Kentucky Fried Chicken system”.  This mission statement was updated effective May, 2000, to reflect a worldwide focus.


The AKFCF remains focused on protecting and promoting its members’ investments in a healthy KFC organization.


We are not Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation…


This site does not pertain to KFC Corporation.  If you have information to pass along to KFCC regarding franchising opportunities, individual restaurant issues or charitable donations, etc., please call at (800) 544-5774.

If you have a compliment or a complaint about a KFC restaurant, please report the issue to (800) Call KFC or



2024 Super Regional will be at the Marriott Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Florida from 9/29 – 10/2

AKFCF Convention | Opryland in Nashville, March 22-26th

Fall 2024 Agenda


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National online membership renewal site

Greater Midwest KFC Franchisee Association

The national online membership renewal site is for franchisees only. It provides a centralized site to pay membership dues for each of the regions in which you have restaurants. Click HERE to enter the site and pay your membership dues.


Franchisee members are franchisees who operate one or more KFC restaurant(s) within the geographical boundaries of the region. Membership dues are $175 plus $25 per restaurant.


Please use the National Online Membership Renewal Site at the link above to complete your membership and pay your dues online!


If you select to pay by check after completing the online membership. Please dues payments to:


c/o Kevin Schlutz

P.O. Box 269

Columbus Junction, IA 52738.


Institutional membership (vendors)


Institutional members are suppliers of products and services for KFC and its franchisees. We collect our vendor dues during the Fall Franchisee Forum online registration, which opens in July.


You may pay meeting registration and membership by check but onlyafter completing the Fall Super Regional online registration. Institutional membership dues are $300.  Please see our Fall Meeting page to register for the Fall Franchisee Forum.


Please send payments to:


c/o Kevin Schlutz

P.O. Box 269

Columbus Junction, IA 52738


If you will not be attending the Fall Franchisee Forum you may send your membership dues via check to:



c/o Kevin Schlutz

P.O. Box 269

Columbus Junction, IA 52738


Dues cover October 1st through September 30th of any given year.






Honorary & Deceased members 



Bill & Marlynn Allen

Gary  Hopfensberger

Dale & Joanne Gottschalk

Terry Robinson

Fred Bauer





Bob Schlutz Jack St. Martin
Ken Monroe Bob Bagshaw
John Grassi Joe & Mary Lou Hall
Don & Peggy Kimball Bill Alford Sr.
Lyle King Steve Rudoni
Don Nicolson Joan Christenson
Ted Theodoroff Don DeLaria
Robert Weaver Chester Jewula
Jim Gaylord  




leadership directory

Greater Midwest KFC Franchisee Association

Executive Committee

Vijay Patel, President

Chris King, 1st Vice President

Heather Bowling, 2nd Vice President

Nanette Walker, Immediate Past President

Kevin Schlutz, Secretary & AKFCF Secretary

Noah Hommerding, Treasurer






AKFCF Past Presidents

From the Greater Midwest Region

Justin Stewart

Jim McKenzie

Joe Hall

Keith Chambers

Jack Richards

Fred Bauer

Joan Bowling

Bryan Robinson

Dale Black

Chuck Weaver

Kevin Schlutz

Bill Allen

Bob Schlutz

Don Nicholson

Joe Zimmerman


Board of directors

Vijay Patel, President

Chris King, 1st Vice President

Heather Bowling, 2nd Vice President

Noah Hommerding, Treasurer, Past President, NPC

Kevin Schlutz, Secretary

Bryan Robinson, NCAC

Mike Kulp, NCAC

Jim McKenzie, NCAC

Joan Bowling, NCAC

Bryan Robinson, NPC

Ron Coulter, Director

Justin Stewart, PP

Chris King, Director

Tony Lambos, GAC

Brooke Korbas, Director

Heather Dexter, Director

Bryant Davis, Director

Mike Grieves, Director

Doug Elish, Director

Sherry Houston, Director

Michelle Hunt, AKFCF Admin, Assistant Secretary

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